MMA is a combination of different styles of Martial Arts. This sport was born in Brazil in the 50s-60s within the fighters of Luta Livre, Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxers, karatekas and others who were competing against each other in an uncoordinated way. This particular discipline was called "Vale-tudo". This sport evolved with time, and practitioners were looking for more efficient techniques (not necessarily with strengh) to win fights more easily.

Today, MMA is considered to be one of the most complete and spectacular sport in the world. Strict rules have been implemented to assure the safety of the fighters.

Events take place every day worldwide and it is highly mediatised. Professional fighters have become real superstars.

The history

Appointed as successor of Boxing, MMA or Free Fight is a sport that is more famous every day.

In the last years, there has been an exponential increase in the number of practicants and spectators. par combat.

This sport became indispensable in the USA, here is a reminder on how it all started.

The rise of Free Fight began in the 90s in Brazil, it was called "vale Tudo", which literally means "everything is permitted"

Streets fight get regulations and are turned into a competition. The best fighters become real superstars in the country. Wanderlei Silva, same as Pelè for football, is a living legend in Brazil. He is considered one of the best fighters in the world and can earn up to 500'000 dollars per fight.

The most popular competition, which gathered all the best fighter was the Pride, in Japan, which disappeared in 2007 due to bankrupcy. All the athletes are therefore headed to the controversial UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) organization in the USA.

The success is instantaneous and will become worldwide in a few months. More than a simple trend, free fight will become a sport recognized worldwide though the UFC.

The principle is: to fight using all fighting techniques allowed, only biting and hitting private parts is not authorized. The success is such that a TV channel, Spike TV, becomes a specialist of this sport since 2003.

Today, MMA is the most watched fight sport, before boxing, with an average of 12 milions viewers per event.


The evolution of Mixed Martial Arts


The evolution of Mixed Martial Arts

MMA was born from the need of confronting different martial arts styles and fighting sports, in order to determine which technique would be the best in real life situations. In the past, Luta Livre, jiu-jitsu, Capoeira, karate, and other fighters would confront each other in a violent and disorganized way, which was called Valed tudo.

Nowadays, the need to prove which discipline is the best is nonexistent. In fact, athletes today try to specialize in every style, in order to develop the most efficient technique.

Compared to the violent and disorganized beginning, MMA is today practiced is a more human and regulated way. Rules have been implemented in order to encourage the show and integrity of the athlete.


- Division in weight categories

- use of gloves

- use of mouth and genital guard

- Time limitation with the creation of rounds

- Prohibition of some hits is several circumstances

In Switzerland, the number of practicants is increasing quickly, which encourages new stars in our country.






MMA is an example of security.

Let's compare MMA with other popular sports, where deaths have occurred. Why only MMA suffers from a bad reputation?

If we take the example of boxing, which is also a sport with physical contacts and strikes, there have more than 1250 deaths in its history.

Meanwhile, there have been about 10 deaths in MMA worldwide.

Who doesn't remember the accidental death of Ayrton Senna in 1994 during the F1 Grand-Prix in Imola? Since the 50s, 45 pilots have died in Formula 1 accidents. Same for Formula Indy, Stockcar and Moto GP.

In the USA, a commission of regulations prohibits the participation of athletes with health issues. MMA is not as violent as people think, there are rules, limitation, judges and doctors involved. We can see that there are many sports which are more dangerous.





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